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Thursday, June 29, 2006

My advise

Last Thursday,Mr.M cames to ETM class.He taught me important thing to teach English in junior hight school.First,No English.Teacher should spend much time using English in the class.
Second,teacher should think image of goal in the class.It's important to think a point of the class.


  • Hi. I'm an ALT in Iwate prefecture. Allow me to comment on your blog. You stated that "Mr. M" said "No English." I think he meant "No Japanese." Perhaps for an easy lesson, such as teaching the ABC's, this is feasible. But as the grammar and vocabulary become more difficult, I think it's impossible to speak only English. I would love to observe an English teacher speak only English when explaining the passive voice (受動態) to the 3rd year students. He or she would, IMHO (In My Honest Opinion), win the Teacher-of-the-Year Award.

    A teacher must think of his or her class as a group that must learn and advance together. In my teaching experience, teachers at a typical junior high school who challenge their class at such a high-level will inevitably lose many of them. If a teacher only speaks English, I assure you that some students will stop listening to the teacher, and perhaps even develop a dislike for English. And that is not good at all. For the students, understanding a class taught in 100% English is indeed a high-level challenge. Perhaps some of the students will understand, but not all. Not only that, think of the teacher! To speak 100% English in terms easy enough for the students to understand is a very high-level challenge in itself. Teachers must remember to teach not only their best students, but also their least-able students.

    As a side note...I learned Japanese for three years from some excellent native Japanese teachers. The material, of course, was Japanese, but the explanations were just about all in English. I did very well and learned a lot, including the passive voice.

    By Blogger Steve Jang, at 9:32 PM  

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